Sunday, November 22, 2009

So ..its Saturday :)
Can't believe i took 3-4 naps in just a day within 8 hours , well .. i'm extraordinary tired i don't know why ..
Went to MPH last Thursday to go looking around for some books (Whatever book catches my eye) , Ended up in the Self-Help section . I always find myself ending up in the self-help corner .. I just love lingering around this corner .. and i can stay around for a few hrs just flipping through the books , there are way many good books to see , and i picked up Tony Buzan's "Creative Intelligence" book , only read the 1st chapter as for now , but its going good so far ..

Its amazing to know how inspirational ppl think , when you're able to look deep into their thoughts , watch how every roots and nerves connects to each other , see how it functions , when scratch comes to life , its just great learning from them . Its really opening up your mind and receiving from the masters , ready to make a change in your life , be it little , let it come gradually , watch your life turn into the one you desire .

Good Night :)

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