Sunday, January 3, 2010


Aaahhh its finally 2010 !

A new year ! with so much thoughts , so much to do , my hands just couldn't wait to see what it could work out , my brain cannot seem to stop thinking of new ideas , my eyes cannot stop seeing things and wants to catch more for the size of its vision is always expanding , and my heart cannot stop hoping for more to come this year ! What else should i do and where do i start first?

I feel my mind and heart tickling me telling me to start off now ! I'm tempted to ready to see ,learn and do so many , and when the question of the New Year's resolution come across my mind i cannot choose one for there's an uncountable amount of number of things i cannot wait to do !

I cannot wait to learn to sculpt , learn to read music notes , come up with more of my own music , stories , to paint more than only a pair of eyes itself can see , but one that a heart can feel , to bring life to a character which doesn't exist only behind the glass , but in reality to interact with many , i cannot wait to meet and talk with new people whom i can share my interests with , i cannot wait to see more of the outside world and there's just so many many more that i don't know how to list them all nor typing them all in order that i just love them all so much !

Right now this moment , with nothing yet to start off with year 2010 , and with only my bare hands , i'll be venturing into my own journey of excitement this year ! Oh , there will be many whom i will meet , and to ask help for , or to lend a hand if i could , and to walk together .. ready to embrace for what's to come next .

Here i come 2010 !!!!

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