Monday, March 23, 2009

As i mentioned , recently i'm into monster designs XD
This is gonna be my first personal creature that will be under my creature collections for many years to come XD

So my first creature "SLUG" , its still under development , and so far i had 3 designs of it , from improvising the creature . The toppest one is the oldest one where the bottom one is the newest one. In the end i'm going to choose only 1 slug..

I don't have a scanner so i had to use the computer's camera to capture the image to be posted up here. Yeah , bad quality ..but i tried my best to edit the layout XD

SLUG doesn't have a gender , it eats from its back and never passes ,it just keeps on growing from what it eats .
Still figuring its hideout and little details of it.

By the way hair is falling again....its freaking me outt ~!


Hikari said...

they look awesomely creepy!~ XD (lol... )

guoxiang also likes to design monsters too ahaha~

YH said...

Thanks ! Really ?? I didn't know that XD
Now i know who to get to ..hehe