Sunday, March 22, 2009

How old/at what age for you is rebellious ?

I'm 21 this year , lookin at myself as an adult and i don't see myself as being a rebellious kid from past till now , but sometimes when people just barge into my way and says something stupid which hurts my feeling i'm really pissed off , and when i cant take it i dash my way up to the room.
Am i being too kiddy ?

Besides , they think they're right and they dont give a shit or care to hear one word from your opening mouth . I'm an artist , yes. I do art.But thats not all i do . I do care for my family and i really do something for them , i do other stuffs too and i'm not someone who sits down all day and draw , thou thats the longer time i spent compared to other things i do , but how can it be helped when i'm suppose to find a job concernin to what i'm doin now ?? And i still hear people telling me that i do nothing but draw as long as it looks good i'm fine with other shit ??

I dont mind people telling me how bad my drawin is , how bad my works are , how ugly how disturbing how shitty it is , how unorganized my time is , how i should improve my schedule , I agree with them and be any happier to hear more and i'm still improving myself , BUT i certainly DO NOT agree when they came upon me telling me "all you do is draw draw draw as long as it looks good then its fine for you , cuz you dont care bout any other things around you " .

That makes me look so selfish and i've been holding this fuck for so long bout 3 years since i entered coll ?? everytime i hear this it makes me feel so sad and , makes me feel so selfish and all can i make them understand that i'm doing my best in both part already ? and i certainly had , even better than last time.

Just trying to share bout something that you fellow artist out there might face one day or you already had..At least i feel better posting this shit up here .


Hikari said...

I guess this happens to most, if not everybody, when people usually see things from their own perspective only. That's why we ourselves must learn how to not see things that way..

Sometimes, there are things that only we know best.. but some things that only the outsiders know best, and we are not aware of. And so misunderstandings occur.

i guess its something that we all need to bear with, and try to find the cause and solution for it.. afterall, "there won't be waves without wind" ..

Cheer up =)

YH said...

Thank you XD
DId this happened to you too ??

Teh-O said...

patpat yon hui! hikari have his points. Different in thoughts and thinkings. Not many understand artist T_T Some think its easy to come up with a full completed illustration or work in 1 day or 2-3 hours... T_T the thinking part is always the hardest part Orz.... anyways, best of luck dude! :D

YH said...

Thankyou Teh-O ~
Yeah i guess so .. i'm quite immature when it comes to solving things thru thinking cuz i cannot think well XD
But yeah , not everybody understand artist , Thanks everybody !!!