Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cant upload lots as usual already this recent ,lots of stuffs for me to keep up , unelss i have something extraordinary happenin' everyday then yeah ~ anyway tommorow's earth hour , 8:30-9:30 if i'm living alone i'll shut the lights but i'm not and i'm stayin over at my cousin's tommorow so i cannot SHUT THEIR LIGHTS , cant join the fun this year :< anyway is there earth day comin ? heard like the last one was 1996 back then. So when's next ~ Anyway , people out there off ur lights if u can ~ this year i cant join the fun but you can ~!! So do it ~ save earth , save your future !!

Newayz , my new work Arumandalla .

Title was supposed to be " Arumandalla , The Mind Of Deep Wisdom " but Nelly helped to change it to " Arumandalla , Hive Mind Of The Abyss " sounds much cooler , thanks Nelly XD

Anyway i'm really tired and sleepy but mom just had a party with her friends awhile ago and there's many food left and i'm DARN hungry ..When i'm sleepy there are lotsa food that helps to keep me awake but thats not my motive "to stay awake" , i just wanna E.A.T.

C ya Boody (Buddy) <--Dont like Buddy i like Boody better ~~

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