Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finally landed here in India , its my 3rd day here today , didn't have the time and connectivity to update about this ,but now i have the chance , so ... yeah XD

so what can i say about India for now , hmm lets see ~
Its a whooole new place ~ for me , everything is new , the people i met , the culture , the environment , all the big stacked up stones , the driving , the honking , the food , the manner and many many more .

Until now the stay is good enough, comfortable , and there are many people i miss back there ~
My family , friends , and even juniors whom i never once talk to them during the overnight at lab , if i see them here i would probably run towards them hugging them .

but no , i'm not homesick , just miss them all XD

Its a chance i do not want to miss out here , every hour , every minute every second is a learning process and i wanna enjoy them while learning out here and growing together with a whole group of people ..

Miss u all back there !!!!!!!

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